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The Trees Are so Big
The Trees Are so Big

British Columbia is a big place. Everything is done big – from the mountains to the beautiful rainforests. Forests so thick you have to walk sideways to get through the trees. Trees so big you can use them like a bridge over a river – hollow them out and let your cows walk through! Trees it takes a whole day to walk around! OK, slight exaggeration.

But now all of THIS is true: those rainforests grow sweet cedar trees, thick ferns, and the unbelievably big, tall, HUGE Douglas Fir trees. Douglas firs are so big it can take 10 men with their arms stretched out to make a circle around them. There is even one with a hole cut in it and cars drive through. It would take DAYS to cut one down with an axe. And Douglas fir tree cones are so big, they are…useful.

Once in the British Columbia rain forest there was a mouse. He was a nervous mouse, always afraid of the fox. The mouse knew if the fox caught him, he would eat him up! But mouse was smart and he could hide from fox – under a rock, behind a fern. One day, mouse was looking for food and forgot to look for fox. Next thing he smelled – there was fox! Mouse ran as fast as his four feet would carry him, but he didn’t have much time because fox was faster... then, under a Douglas fir tree, mouse found one of its big pine cones – so big, mouse hurried inside.

When fox had finally given up, a shaky mouse slowly climbed out of the pine cone. He thanked the Douglas Fir tree for her pine cone – and for being so big!

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