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The Treasure of Murray Harbour
The Treasure of Murray Harbour

There are four friends who live in Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island – Sara, Joey, Tom and Rebecca. They love to dream of pirates’ treasure. Their parents tell them stories of golden treasure buried in the sandy beaches of PEI - by pirates from a long time ago. Their favourite is the story of the dangerous Captain Kidd, a merchant from New York who became a pirate. He took treasure from other ships and people say he buried it somewhere between Prince Edward Island in Canada and South Carolina in the United States.

One night, all four friends, Sara, Joey, Tom, and Rebecca dream the same dream. They dream they are on the beach and see a pirate’s treasure chest. They hear a voice that says “Here lies the treasure of Captain Kidd. It is all yours, BUT: you must dig at night and you must not say a word. The ghost that guards the treasure will wake up if she hears human words. You must not say a word or the treasure will disappear and you will be sorry.” They say to the voice that they cannot dig at night because they have school the next day. So the voice says “OOOOh-K, but you MUST not say a word, or you will be VERY sorry!”

The next day at school the 4 friends agree that the dream must be true - they all had the same one! So they decide to dig for treasure. They borrow shovels from their parents, pretending they will dig for mussels in the ocean. They come to the place on the beach they saw in their dream. “SShhh! Don’t say a word!” they say to each other.

They start to dig. It is hard work. They wipe their faces. They think of the gold. But Joey becomes very thirsty. He thinks about his grandmother’s lemonade. Then he says, “Oh! I’m so thirsty!”

All of a sudden, the 4 friends hear a terrible sound, like thunder in a summer ocean storm. It is right in their ears. Then they feel a wind so strong, they almost fall in the sand – they look up - it is the ghost of the pirate’s parrot! She is over their heads and shouting, “Be gone with ye, or sorry ye’ll be!”

The four friends run and run up the beach with the parrot chasing them. They run and they run until they reach Joey’s house. His grandmother is sitting outside with a fresh jug of lemonade. She sees the children running toward her– “You look like you’ve seen a ghost! Thirsty work that digging for mussels! Would you like some of my lemonade? I only charge 5 cents!” The 4 friends sit down to drink – this is the only golden treasure they will see today!

And Captain Kidd’s treasure still has not been found. Brave people search carefully all along the east coast of North America – they want to find the treasure, but they do not want to wake up that ghost!

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