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The Family Frost Goes to Work
The Family Frost Goes to Work

In Canada in the winter it can get so very cold. Minus 30 Celsius is nothing for people in Chicoutimi, Moosonee, Flin Flon, and the Yukon. And who do you think has fun while Canadians try to stay warm? Why the Frost Family, that’s when they go to work! And they love a good challenge – how to chill the tip of a nose to bright red, how to nip little toes until they’re feeling like lead!

One winter in the Yukon, Young Frost was eager to show her daddy, Mr. Frost, just what she could do. “Daddy,” she said, “You see that man wrapped in all his thick furs riding that skidoo below us?” “Yes,” said Mr. Frost.

“He thinks no frosty chill will ever run down his spine, and I want to show him that this super Frost will!” So Young Frost nipped down quick from the snowy roof where they were sitting. Onto the skidoo she whizzed and into the top of the man’s boots. Vrrrooom! Went his skidoo as he tried to get home quickly out of this frosty weather. Young Frost liked the speed. She crept slowly up the man’s spine sending shivers all over him and then whooop! Up under his fur hat and into his ears, turning them beet red. VRRRROOOM! Went the skidoo and Young Frost fell off, rolling and laughing in the snow.

“Did you see that?” Young Frost said to her Daddy. “Not bad,” said her Daddy, “But if you want a real challenge, try that lumberjack below.” There was an old lumberjack with his horse and sleigh, carrying an axe and wearing a thin lumber jacket and worn-out boots, old mitts and a hat that maybe used to have fur.

Young Frost jumped straight in his boots and started to work. She nipped away his toes, but the lumberjack soon put down his axe and got out and started running beside his horse and sleigh. “Ouch!” cried Young Frost as she was almost squished by the lumberjack’s bony old feet.

She managed to squeeze out and fly up and through a hole in his lumber jacket. But the lumberjack started pounding his chest. And Young Frost was so busy trying to jump out of the way (ouch! ouch! Ouch!) that she didn’t get to send one chill and only one shiver.

The lumberjack stopped to cut wood to take home on his sleigh. It was hard work with his axe and he started to get hot. When he took his mitts off, Young Frost shouted to her Daddy, “Watch this!” And she slipped inside those mitts to make them ICY cold. She froze them stiff! When the lumberjack had filled his sleigh he picked up his mitts. “Tut, tut, tut,” he said, “What a frost we are having today!”

And he started pounding his mitts with the handle of his axe. “Ow! Ouch! Hey!” cried Young Frost until the axe softened the mitts to the lumberjack’s satisfaction. As she crawled out and into the air she heard her Daddy, Mr. Frost, laughing and saying, “You still want my job my young darling? Sorry, but not until you can beat the smarts of a wise old lumberjack!”

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