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The Black Flies Are Coming
The Black Flies Are Coming

People may talk about the big and scary grizzly bears in British Columbia or polar bears in the Arctic, but the scariest creature in all of Canada is the black fly of Northern Ontario.

Nowhere else on the planet are the black flies as big as in Northern Ontario. They will take the screen right off your tent if they can smell you inside! So you don’t feel like going outdoors. But I was up surveying land so I had to go .. out to work.

Well all day long you’re swatting and squashing, squashing and swatting those black flies, trying to clear the air. You’re itchy and scratching, scratching millions of itchy bites right from your head to your little toes. And all you want to do is get your surveying work done!

One day I said to my friend, “Oh dear the black flies are bad this year!” “Well they were WORSE last year!” she said.

“They must have been scary if they were worse last year.” I replied. “Were there more?” “More!” my friend roared, “ the clouds of black flies were so thick you couldn’t breathe! You were scratching your itchy black fly bites morning, noon and night. I’m sure I lost 20 kilos from all the blood the black flies took out of me! And one day I see this loud black cloud coming towards me. I don’t know what to do. Luckily I find a rain barrel. I get inside the rain barrel, hoping to hide from the black flies.

Just when I think I’m safe, I hear a sound like bullets hitting the rain barrel. In the dark in my rain barrel I can just about see – the black flies’ little jaws coming right through the rain barrel! I find a rock and I hammer down those little jaws like nails. I work fast!

Then I feel this strange sensation. And whoosh! I am flying up, up, up into the bright Northern Ontario sky. The black flies are carrying the rain barrel - with me inside!

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