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Specific Vocabulary to use in your Academic Word Area
Specific Vocabulary to use in your Academic Word Area:

- Criminal Law

abet, abetting, abjured, abnormality, abolished, abolition, abuse, accomplish, accomplishing, acquittal, acquittals, acquitted, administered, administering, admissible, adultery, affirmed, affray, aggravate, aggravated, aggravating, aggravation, aggressive, alleged, appeal, appeals, appellant, apprehend, apprehension, arson, assault, assaulted, assaulting, assaults, assertion, assize, attorney-general, authorised, authoritative, autonomous, autonomy, battered, batteries, battering, battery, blameworthiness, blameworthy, breach, burden, burdened, carelessness, causal, causation, common-law, competent, complicity, compromise, concede, conceded, condemnation, condone, condoned, conjunction, connotes, consensually, conspiracy, construed, contemplated, contemplation, contend, contest, contested, contravene, contravention, conveyed, convict, convicted, conviction, convictions, counsel, counselling, counteracting, counter-argument, counter-arguments, criminalisation, criminalise, criminality, culpability, culpable, dangerousness, decree, defences, defendant, defendants, defensible, deliberate, derogation, derogations, desists, deterrent, discharged, discriminatory, dispensations, disproving, dispute, disputed, disputes, disqualification, dissenting, distress, divisional, divorce, doctrine, doctrines, duress, enacted, endanger, endangered, endangering, endangerment, entitle, entitled, entrusts, equivocal, estranged, euthanasia, exculpating, exculpation, exculpatory, execution, executive, exempt, exemption, exhaustion, extenuating, fatal, felony, first-degree, fled, foresee, foreseeable, foreseen, foresees, foresight, fulfil, fulfilled, fulfilling, fulfils, gbh, gender-specific, generic, generically, gravity, grievous, gross, grossly, homicide, homicides, humane, illogicality, imminent, imprisonment, inadvertence, incest, inchoate, incontrovertible, indecent, indecently, indisputable, infant, infanticide, inferior, inflict, inflicted, inflicting, inflicts, innocent, insanity, instantaneously, intents, intercourse, intimate, intoxicated, intoxication, intruder, intrusion, invades, invasions, involuntariness, involuntary, irremediable, judicial, judiciary, juries, jurisdictions, jury, justifiable, kidnapping, killings, knowingly, legacy, legal-aid, legalistic, lenient, lethal, liability, liable, life-endangering, lifers, life-support, magistrates, maiming, maliciously, mandatory, manslaughter, marital, marital-rape, mercy-killing, misjudgement, misjudgements, misjudging, mitigate, mitigated, mitigating, mitigation, mobilised, mobilised, molestation, negligence, negligent, nisi, offence, offences, offender, offenders, opponents, opposition, oral, outburst, outset, outweigh, overruled, parliament, parole, paternalistic, pedestrian, penal, penalise, penalises, penalties, penalty, penetration, penis, peril, permissible, perpetration, perpetrators, pertinent, phrase, phrases, phrasing, plea, pleas, practicable, pragmatism, precedents, pregnancy, pregnant, premeditated, premeditation, premises, preparatory, preponderance, prevalence, preventive, privacy, privy, probation, procedurally, procuring, proportionality, proposition, prosecution, prosecutions, prosecutor, prosecutorial, prosecutors, prostitute, protest, protesting, provocation, provocations, provoked, provoker, punishable, pursuance, quashed, raid, rape, rape-crisis, rapes, rapists, rationale, rationales, reappraisal, reckless, recklessly, recklessness, rectify, recurrent, re-examined, reference, reform, reformed, remote, repentance, retaliation, revoked, revokes, riot, road-traffic, robbery, rulings, sanctions, scrutinised, second-degree, sect, self-defence, self-determination, self-expression, sentenced, sentencing, spouse, stringent, subjective, substantiate, subsumed, subvert, suicide, suicide-pact, summarily, summoned, supersedes, supreme, technicalities, theft, thefts, third-degree, tort, toxic, treason, trespassing, tribunal, undue, unforeseeable, unforeseen, unjustifiable, unlawfully, unprovoked, unreasonable, unreformed, unsafe, upheld, uphold, verdict, verdicts, victim, victimisation, victims, warrant, wife-battering, wilful, wilfully, withdraw, withholding, wrongful

- Environmental Science

acid, acidic, acidification, acids, agrarian, agroforestry, agronomist, agrotechnologies, agrotechnology, airborne, amenities, anaerobic, aquaculture, aquatic, architect, atmosphere, atmospheric, bacteria, bark, biodiversity, biological, biology, biomass, biome, biome-wide, biosphere, biospheric, biotechnology, birth-rates, botanist, carbon, carbon-cycling, carbon-sequestering, carbon-storing, chemist, chemistry, chemists, chlorine, chlorofluorocarbons, climate, climates, climatic, climatologist, conservation, continent, continental, cultivars, cultivator, cultivators, dam, dams, deciduous, deforest, deforestation, deforested, deforesting, deforests, degradation, degraded, degrades, degrading, delegate, democracy, democratic, deposit, desertification, dioxin, disaster, disasters, ecological, ecologically, ecologist, ecology, ecosystem, ecosystems, emission, emission-rates, emissions, emissions-savings, emit, emitted, emitters, energy-consumption, energy-demand, energy-demands, energy-efficiency, energy-efficient, energy-inefficient, energy-intensive, energy-saving, energy-solutions, energy-use, environmental, environmental-impact, estuaries, farmland, farmlands, forest-clearing, forest-covered, forest-dwellers, forest-dwelling, forest-felling, forest-fringe, forest-land, forest-lands, forest-management, forest-managers, forestry, fossil, fossil-fuel, geographic, geographical, geographically, gigawatt, global-warming, grasslands, greenhouse-effect, greenhouse-gas, greenpeace, hydrocarbons, interglacial, intergovernmental, land-use, mapping, meteorological, methane, methane-emission, methane-inhibiting, methane-producing, methane-productive, methyl, nitrate, nitric, nitrification, nitrogen, nitrogen-fixing, nitrogenous, nitrous, non-biological, non-sustainable, oxidation, oxide, oxides, oxidised, ozone, ozone-depleting, ozone-depletion, ozone-layer, permafrost, pest, pesticides, pests, photochemical, photo-oxidised, photosynthesis, pollutants, pollute, polluted, polluters, polluting, pollution, populace, rainfall, rainforest, rainforests, reclaim, recyclable, regional-development, remote-sensing, sediments, socio-economic, socio-economics, soil-damaging, species, strata, stratosphere, stratospheric, strip-mining, subsistence, subtropical, subtropics, tropical, tropical-forest, tropical-rainforest, tropics, troposphere, tropospheric, urban, vegetation, water-availability, water-pollution, water-quality, wetland, wetlands, wildlife

- Business

accrual, accrued, administered, administers, advantageous, adverse, adversity, advertisers, affiliate, affiliation, after-sales, alliance, alliances, allied, amalgamation, antitrust, appraisal, appropriated, appropriation, arbitrate, arbitration, arbitrator, arbitrators, ascertain, asset, assets, audit, auditing, authoritarian, autonomy, average-income, award, bad-debt, bankrupt, bankruptcy, barter, benchmark, bid, bidders, bids, bondholder, bondholders, bonuses, bookkeepers, bookkeeping, boss, brand, branded, brands, broker, brokerage, brokering, brokers, budget, budgeting, budgets, bureaucracy, bureaucrats, business-cycle, business-oriented, buy-out, by-product, by-products, campaign, campaigned, campaigns, capital-goods, capitalism, capitalist, capitalistic, capitalists, cartel, cash, cash-disbursements, cash-receipts, causal, centralised, CEO, chairperson, charter, circulate, circulated, circulating, circulation, circulations, clerical, coalition, coercion, coexist, coexists, collaboration, collaborator, collateral, collective-bargaining, column, columns, commensurate, commitment, competitive, competitive-based, competitor, competitors, computerisation, computerised, concessions, conciliation, confidentiality, conflation, conglomerate, conglomerates, conglomerations, conservation, conservatism, conservative, conservatives, consolidated, consolidating, consolidation, consumerism, consumerist, cooperatives, cost-benefit, cost-of-living, cost-price, coupon, coupons, credit, credit-rating, credit-reporting, creditworthiness, cross-holdings, customer-by-customer, cyclical, dealership, debentures, debit, debits, debtor, debtors, decelerating, decentralisation, decentralised, decision-making, deferred-payment, deficit, deficits, deflation, deflations, delegation, demand-pull, demarcate, democracies, democracy, democratic, deposit, deposited, depositing, depositors, deposits, depreciate, depreciated, depreciation, depressions, deregulate, determinant, determinants, devaluation, devaluations, devalue, devalued, differential, direct-mail, discount, discounts, disinvestment, dissolution, dissolve, dissolved, dividend, dividends, door-to-door, double-entry, down-market, downtown, downturns, durable, durables, ecological, econometric, econometricians, econometrics, economise, economy-minded, edict, efficiently, end-product, end-user, enterprise, enterprises, entrepreneur, entrepreneurs, equilibrium, equitable, equities, equity, eurodollar, executive, executives, expenditure, expenditures, fair-trade, fiscal, fixtures, floating-rate, flotation, for-profit, franchise, franchises, franchising, free-enterprise, free-market, free-trade, GDP, GNP, going-concern, gold-exchange, goods, government-issued, government-owned, government-sponsored, gross, hedge, hedging, high-income, hyperinflation, hyperinflations, import, imported, importer, importers, importing, imports, inconvertible-credit, indebtedness, inefficiency, inelastic, inequities, inferior, inflated, inflation, inflationary, inflations, input-output, insolvency, insolvent, inventories, inventory, invoice, just-in-time, laissez-faire, lease, leased, leasing, legal-tender, leveraged, liabilities, liability, liable, life-styles, liquidate, liquidation, liquidator, liquidity, loaned, loaning, longer-term, long-run, long-term, loss-leader, low-income, macroeconomic, macroeconomics, mail-order, managements, managerial, marginalised, marketer, marketers, marketplace, medium-term, memorandum, mercantile, mercantilism, mercantilist, mercantilists, merchandise, merchandiser, merchandisers, merchandising, merchantable, merge, merged, merger, mergers, merging, microeconomic, microeconomics, middle-man, minimum-wage, mismanagement, monetarism, monetarists, monetary, monies, monopolies, monopolise, monopolist, monopolistic, monopoly, multilateral, multinational, multiplier, nationalisation, nationalise, nationalised, negotiable, negotiate, negotiated, negotiating, negotiation, negotiations, niche, non-business, non-business-oriented, non-capitalist, nongovernmental, objectives, oligopolies, oligopoly, on-the-job, optimal, optimise, organisational, outflow, outsourcing, overdraft, overdraw, overhead, over-priced, overproduction, packaged, packaging, partnership, partnerships, patent, patents, payable, personnel, petrodollars, portfolio, post-capitalist, pre-Keynes, premium, premiums, present-day, price-level, price-reduced, privatisation, privatised, procurement, product-line, product-price, profitability, profitably, profit-and-loss, profit-making, profit-maximisation, profit-seeking, promotional, proprietary, prosperous, protectionism, pro-western, publicised, publicising, publicising, public-relations, quantitative, quota, quotas, ratings, rationing, receivable, receivables, recession, rechargeable, recipient, recipients, reciprocal, reconcile, reconciliation, recourse, recruited, recycling, redundancy, redundant, reference, refineries, reform, refrigeration, refund, refunds, reincorporated, reintegrated, remit, remittances, rental, reorganised, reparations, repay, repayment, replicate, repurchase, reputable, resale, residual, retail, retailer, retailers, retailing, revaluation, revalue, revival, rising-price, sack, saleability, salesman, salesmanship, salespeople, salesperson, salespersons, seasonal, segment, segmented, segments, self-contained, self-correcting, self-employed, self-interest, self-regulation, self-service, serviceable, shareholder, shareholders, shareholding, shareholdings, shortages, single-entry, single-firm, single-product, small-scale, socialism, socialist, socialists, social-welfare, solvency, solvent, specialises, specialities, speculate, speculating, speculation, spiral, splintered, sponsored, sponsoring, sponsorship, staffing, stagflation, stagnation, stake, stakeholder, standardised, staple, state-of-the-art, statute, statutes, sterling, stockbroker, stockbrokers, stock-exchange, stockholder, stockholders, stock-holders, stock-issuing, sub-contract, sub-contractor, subsidiaries, subsidiary, subsistence, supply-side, surplus, surpluses, takeover, tangible, tariff, tariffs, taxation, tax-deductible, telemarketers, telemarketing, thrift, tourism, trademark, trademarks, trade-union, transact, transacted, transaction, transactions, underemployment, undertakings, underwrite, underwriters, unskilled, up-market, utility-maximising, VAT, venture, ventures, warehouse, warehouses, warehousing, warranty, watchdogs, wholesale, wholesaler, wholesalers, wholesaling, workforce

- Science and Technology

aboard, above-described, absorbed, absorption, ac, accelerate, accelerated, accelerators, acceptor, acceptor-impurity, accomplish, accomplished, accomplishing, acoustic, acoustical, acoustics, activate, activated, actuated, actuating, acute, ad, adder, advantageous, advent, adverse, agitation, airborne, air-circuit, aircraft, air-type, algebraic, align, aligned, aligning, alkali, alleviated, allotted, alloy, alloys, alternately, alternates, alternating-current, alternation, alternator, alternators, altitude, aluminium, aluminium-clad, amateur, ammeter, amp, amperage, ampere, amperes, amplification, amplified, amplifier, amplifiers, amplifies, amplify, amplifying, amplitude, amplitude-modulated, amplitudes, analogue, anatomy, announced, anode, anodes, anomalous, antenna, antennas, antimony, aperture, apparatus, appliances, arc, architectural, arithmetic, arithmetical, armature, armatures, array, arsenic, arthritis, ascertained, astronauts, atmosphere, atmospheres, atmospheric, atom, atomic, atoms, attenuated, attenuation, audible, audio, audio-frequency, audiometer, auxiliary, axis, backup, bands-short-wave, bandwidth, bandwidths, batteries, battery, battery-powered, benzene, billionths, binary, biologist, bismuth, black-and-white, blackouts, blank, blanking, blast, blend, blends, blurred, bob, bombardment, boosting, brakes, breakdown, breaker, breakers, bridged, brilliant, broadcast-band, broadcasters, brownout, bubble, buffers, bypassed, cable, cables, calculus, calibrated, calibration, cancel, candles, capacitance, capacitance-coupled, capacitances, capacitor, capacitors, capture, captured, carbon, car-ignition, carrier, carriers, cassette, cathode, cathode-ray, cell, cells, cellular, centimetre, ceramic, chemistry, chrominance, cinemas, circuit, circuitry, circuits, circulates, circulating, circumventing, clad, clapper, clef, closed-circuit, close-up, clues, clumsy, cluster, clusters, clutches, cm, coated, coating, coaxial, cohered, coil, coils, commercial-radio, commonplace, compact, compass, composers, compound-wound, compression, compressions, compromise, concentric, condenser, condensers, conduction, conductive, conductivity, conductor, conductors, cone, consoles, consonance, continental, continually, continuous-wave, converter, converters, copper-clad, coulomb, counter, counteract, crests, crucible, crude, crystal, crystalline, crystals, Curie, current-carrying, currents, curvature, cutter, cyclotrons, cylinder, cylinders, cylindrical, damping, darkens, dashes, dB, DC, decelerating, decibel, decibels, decode, decoded, decoder, decodes, decreed, deficiencies, deficiency, deflected, deflecting, deflection, deflects, deliberate, demagnetise, demagnetised, demodulated, demodulating, demodulation, denominator, density, dependence, deposited, deposits, devised, diagnostic, diagonal, diagram, diagrams, dials, diamagnetic, diameter, diamond-cubic, diaphragm, diathermy, dielectric, diesel, differential, diffraction, diffuse, digit, digital, digital-computer, digitally, diode, diode-having, diodes, dipole, direct-coupled, direct-current, directional, directivity, direct-satellite, direct-view, disc, discharge, discharged, discourage, discoverer, discriminators, discs, dish-shaped, disks, disproved, disrupted, dissector, dissipate, dissipation, dissonance, distributes, diverging, donor, donor-impurity, dotted, downwind, drawings, droplets, duly, dynamo, dynamoelectric, dynamotor, dynode, dynodes, earphones, echo, echoes, edifice, editing-particularly, efficiencies, efficiently, electrode, electrodes, electrodynamometer, electrodynamometers, electromagnet, electromagnetic, electromagnetism, electromagnets, electromechanical, electromotive, electron, electron-collecting, electronic, electronically, electronics, electrons, electroscope, electrostatic, elementary, emergencies, emission, emits, emitted, emitter, encodes, encoding, end-fed, energised, energising, engraves, engraving, entailed, entails, enunciated, enveloped, euphonious, evacuated, exacting, executed, exerts, expended, fabricated, facsimile, facsimiles, farad, faraday, fax, feats, fed, feed, feedback, feeding, ferrite, ferromagnetic, fidelity, fig, filament, filaments, filings, filter, filtered, filtering, filters, fixed-pitch, fluid, flux, forerunner, fraction, frequencies, frequency-modulated, friction, fulfilled, fulfils, fun-and-fact, funnel-like, funnel-shaped, fuse, fuses, gallium, galvanometer, galvanometers, gamma, gaseous, geared, generator, generators, geologist, germanium, giant, gigahertz, glow, glowing, graphic, graphically, green-to, grid, grids, grid-system, grip, groove, halftone, halftones, half-wave, half-wavelength, ham, hand-held, harmonic, harmonically, harmonics, harmony, hazard, height, helical, heliograph, helix, heptodes, hertz, hexodes, high-fidelity, high-frequency, high-intensity, high-power, high-quality, high-resolution, high-speed, high-voltage, hiss, historically, homogeneous, horizontal, horseshoe, hot-wire, household, households, hue, hum, humidity, hundred-thousandth, hydroelectric, hydropower, iconoscope, illuminated, illuminates, illumination, imaging, imbalance, imbedded, immersed, impedance, impedance-coupled, impede, imperfect, imperfection, impinge, impinged, impregnated, impressed, impulses, impurities, inasmuch, incandescent, incoming, inconvenient, incurring, indestructible, indiscriminately, indium, inductance, inductance-coupled, inductances, inductive, industrialised, inertia, inextricably, infrared, inoperative, installations, installed, instantaneous, instrumentation, insulated, insulation, insulator, insulators, integer, integrated-circuit, intelligibility, intelligible, intelligibly, intensities, interconnected, interdependent, interestingly, interface, interfaces, interlaced, intermediate-range, internal-combustion, interposed, interrelated, interruption, inverse, inversely, inverse-square, ion, ionosphere, iron-vane, jargon, jean, joule, junction, junctions, keying, khz, kilohertz, kilovolt, kilovolts, kilowatt, kinescope, kinescopes, klystron, klystrons, km, laboratories, laboratory, lag, lambda, laminated, laminations, landings, lapse, large-diameter, large-scale, laser, lattice, latticework, launched, launches, leak, leaked, lee, lens, lenses, levitation, lightning, limiter, line-of-sight, line-see, lodestone, lodge, long-distance, longitudinal, longitudinally, long-range, long-wave, loop, loops, loudspeaker, loudspeakers, lower-voltage, low-frequency, low-speed, low-voltage, luminance, luminescence, luminous, lunar, magazines, magnet, magnetic, magnetism, magnetite, magnetisation, magnetise, magnetised, magneto, magnetron, magnetrons, magnets, magnitude, magnitudes, manifests, mapped, mapping, marine, mariner, mars, maser, mask, masking, materials-into, mathematical, mathematician, mathematicians, medium-frequency, medium-wave, megahertz, megaphone, membrane, mercury, mesh, metallic, meter, meters, microcomputer, microphone, microprocessor, microscope, microscopic, microwave, microwaves, millionths, mimic, miniature, miniaturisation, mirror, miscellaneous, missions, mixer, mixers, mobile, modulate, modulated, modulating, modulation, modulation-using, modulator, modules, moist, molecular, molecule, molecules, molten, monochrome, moon-landing, mounted, mounting, movable, mover, multimedia, multiples, multiplier, multiplier-which, multistage, mystical, naked, nanometres, naturalness, navigation, negative-feedback, neighbouring, nongovernmental, north-seeking, nullify, obsolete, octave, octaves, off-screen, ohm, ohms, old-fashioned, one-half, one-hundredth, one-millionth, one-person, one-third, one-twentieth, online, opaque, openings, opposition, optical, optics, oracle, orbit, orbited, orbiting, organic, organist, originating, orthicon, orthicons, oscillate, oscillates, oscillating, oscillation, oscillations, oscillator, oscillators, oscilloscope, outermost, overloaded, overloads, overtones, overwrite, oxide, paramagnetic, paramagnets, particulars, pastime, patent, patented, paths-one, patronage, peak, pendulum, perceptual, perforated, perforations, permanent-magnet, perpendicular, pertaining, phonograph, phosphor, phosphors, phosphorus, photo, photoconductive, photoelectric, photographic, photolithography, photosensitive, phototubes, physician, physicist, physicists, physics, physiological, piano, pickup, piezoelectric, pioneer, pipe-type, pitch, pivoted, plastic, polar, poles, porcelain, portable, postulated, postwar, potentialities, potentials, potentiometer, power-generating, power-transmission, predetermined, present-day, printed-circuit, programmable, propagate, propagated, propagation, propagator, proportionality, proximity, pulse, pulse-code, pulses, pulse-time, pylons, quantitative, quantum, quarter-wave, quartz, quartz-crystal, quench, rabbit-ear, radar, radiated, radiates, radiating, radiation, radiator, radio-broadcasting, radio-communication, radio-communications, radio-detectors, radio-frequency, radio-receiving, radiotelegraphy, radiotelephony, radius, ranger, rarefaction, rarefactions, reactance, readouts, reassembled, rebuilt, receivers, reception, receptor, recipes, recombined, reconstitute, recorded-so, recorder, record-player, re-create, re-creates, re-creating, rectification, rectified, rectifier, rectifiers, rectifying, recurring, reference, reflex, refraction, regenerative, relay, relayed, relaying, relays, remote, remote-control, remote-indicating, render, reorienting, repeater, repel, repels, repetition, reproducible, repulsion, repulsion-induction, repulsive, resemble, resembles, resembling, residual, resistances, resistant, resistor, resistors, resonance, resonant, resonates, resultant, resumed, retrace, retranslates, retransmit, retransmits, retrieval, revolved, revolves, revolving, rhombic, rim, rotary, rotate, rotated, rotates, rotating, rotation, rotor, rotors, rudimentary, satellite, satellites, satisfactorily, saturation, scan, scanned, scanner, scanning, scans, scholar, scrambled, scrap, script, sea-bottom, sealed, segments, selectivity, semiconductor, semiconductors, sensations, separator, series-wound, servomechanism, shaft, shellac, short-circuited, short-circuits, short-wave, shunt, shunt-wound, shutdowns, shutter, sidebands, silicon, simultaneously, single-phase, siren, six-year, skip, slits, smearing, soft-iron, software, software-controlled, solenoid, solid-state, sonar, sophisticated, sound-reproducing, soundtrack, sound-wave, southerly, south-seeking, soviet, spacecraft, spark, sparking, spectacular, spectrometers, spectrum, speculation, spiral, spirals, split-phase, spotlights, spurned, square-wave, squirrel-cage, squirrels, stacks, standardisation, standardised, static, stationary, stator, step-down, step-up, stethoscope, stimulate, stimulated, stimulates, stimuli, storage, strengths, stroboscope, stroked, studio, stylus, subscribers, substation, substations, subtle, suitably, sunspot, superimposing, superior, superposition, supplanted, suppressed, surge, surged, surveyor, switch, switched, switches, switching, symmetrical, synchronism, synchronisation, synchronised, synchronising, synchronous, tank, taut, technologies, telecasts, telegraphic, telegraphy, telephony, telescopes, televising, television, televisions, tempered, tempo, temporal, termed, thereafter, thermal, thermocouple, three-element, three-phase, thunderstorm, thunderstorms, timbre, timing, tiny, tolerant, tone, tones, toothed, torque, trams, transatlantic, transducer, transformer, transformers, transistor, transistors, translucent, transmission-line, transmitter, transmitters, transparent, transverse, transversely, treble, tremors, tricolour, trillion, triode, triple, troughs, trumpet, tubing, tuner, tuners, turbine, turbines, turntable, turntable-into, two-element, two-junction, two-phase, two-pole, two-thirds, two-to-one, UHF, ultrahigh, ultrasonic, underground, underpins, undersea, understandable, underwater, undesired, unidirectional, unintentional, unpaired, upwind, usable, user-adjustable, utmost, vacuum, vacuum-tube, valence, valence-bond, valve, valves, vane, vanes, vapour, vector, vectors, velocity, verified, versa, vertical, vertically, very-high, very-high-frequency, VHF, vibrate, vibrates, vibrating, vibration, vibrations, vice, video, video-frequency, viewer, violin, violinist, viscosity, volt, voltage, voltages, voltaic, voltmeter, voltmeters, volts, wafers, warmer, wartime, watt, watt-hour, wattmeter, watts, waveform, wavelength, wavelength-designate, wavelengths, weaker, weakest, weather-satellite, weighing-balance, well-designed, wind-excited, windings, wireless, workstations, worldwide, x-ray, x-rays, yoke, zinc

- Music

accent, accents, acoustic, aesthetic, album, albums, amalgamated, ambient, amplification, amplified, arena, auditioned, aural, autobiography, avant-garde, award, awards, ballad, ballads, ballet, ballets, banjo, banjoist, baroque, bass, basses, bassist, big-band, black-derived, black-oriented, blend, blended, blending, bluegrass, blues, boogie-woogie, boom, cable, cakewalk, cakewalks, call-and-response, cappella, chanson, chant, chanted, chanting, chants, chord, chord-based, chords, chorus, chromatic, clapping, composers, compositions, concert, concerts, conductor, consecutive, contour, copyright, counterpoint, country-and-western, country-pop, couplets, crotchet, danceable, dance-pop, debut, diatonic, disco, discs, downbeat, drones, drug, drug-alluding, drumbeats, durations, echoes, electrified, electronic, ensemble, ensembles, entertainers, entertainments, fame, fiddles, flattened, flourished, flute, folk, folk-influenced, fox-trot, funk, fusion, fusions, generic, genre, genres, gospel, gospel-oriented, gramophone, grunge, guitar, guitars, half-spoken, handclapping, handclaps, hardcore, hard-rock, harmonic, harmonica, harmonies, harmony, hollers, honky-tonk, honky-tonks, hymnody, hymns, improvisation, improvise, improvised, improvising, incidental, instrumentalist, instrumentation, jazz, jigs, jitterbug, jukebox, keyboard, liturgical, lute, lyric, lyrics, madrigal, magazine, mainstream, mandolinist, melodic, melodies, melody, microtonally, miscellany, musicality, musicals, musicianship, musics, non-commercial, non-commercially, nostalgia, notated, notation, notational, octave, offbeat, onstage, opera, operas, operatic, operetta, orchestra, orchestral, orchestras, pentatonic, performable, performer, performing-right, phonograph, phonographs, phrase, phrases, pianist, pianists, piano, pianos, pitch, pitches, plainsong, plucked, polymetre, polyrhythmic, pop, pop-style, progression, pulse, punk, quadrilles, quaver, rag, ragtime, rap, rapper, rapping, recital, recordings, reels, refrain, reggae, renaissance, repertoire, repetition, repetitive, resonant, resounding, rhyme, rhyming, rhythm, rhythm-and-blues, rhythmic, rhythmically, rhythms, rockabillies, rockabilly, rock-and-roll, rocksteady, romantic, rubato, rumba, saloons, salsa, saxophone, saxophones, scores, secular, semibreve, semitones, singles, sitar, sitars, slapping, slurring, solo, soloist, songwriter, spirituals, stanza, symphonic, symphonies, syncopated, syncopation, synthesisers, talent, talk-song, tambourines, tango, tempo, timbre, timbres, tone, tones, transposability, tribal, trio, triplet, troubadours, unamplified, underscore, underscored, upbeat, urban, vibration, violin, violins, virtuosos, vocal, vocalist, vocalists, yodels

- Health Sciences

abdomen, abnormalities, abnormality, abolish, abortion, abortions, abrupt, absorbs, absorption, abuse, acacia, accomplished, acetic, acid, aconite, acoustics, activated, activates, actuated, acupuncture, acute, ad, adherent, adherents, adjunct, adjuvant, administered, administering, adrenal, adrenaline, advent, adverse, aerobics, affirmed, afflictions, age-adjusted, ageing, age-old, agility, ailments, airborne, airways, alchemist, alcohol, alcoholic, alertness, alien, alimentary, allergy, alpha, ambulance, ammonia, amniocentesis, amniotic, amputated, amputation, anaemia, anaesthesia, anaesthesiology, anaesthetics, anatomic, anatomical, anatomist, anatomists, anatomy, angina, announcement, anomalies, antagonistic, anterior, anthology, anthrax, anthropology, antibiotics, antibodies, antibody, anticancer, antidepressants, antidotes, antigen, antigens, antiquity, antiseptic, antiserum, aorta, apes, aphorisms, appetite, archbishop, arduous, arsenal, arsenic, arterial, arteries, arterioles, artery, arthritis, asbestos, asbestosis, aseptic, assimilated, astrologer, astronomer, atmospheric, atoms, attentive, attenuated, auspices, authorised, autoimmune, autonomic, avidly, axial, bacilli, bacillus, backache, bacon, bacteria, bacterial, bacteriological, bacteriologist, bacteriologists, bacteriology, bacterium, balsam, bandage, bark, baron, bastion-who, batteries, battlefields, bedside, beer, behaviourism, benign, beriberi, beta, bible, biblical, binomial, biochemical, biochemist, biochemistry, biochemists, biologic, biological, biologist, biology, biopsy, bishop, bladder, blood-forming, bloodstream, bone-marrow, bored, born, botanist, botany, bowel, brakes, breakdown, breakpoint, breast, breasts, breeding, brilliant, brine, bristling, broccoli, bronchitis, builder, burgeoning, bypassing, cabbage, cabinet, cadavers, calcium, calorie, calories, cancer, cancerous, cancer-related, cancers, cannabis, canon, capillaries, capitalist, capsule, captivities, carbohydrates, carbolic, carbon, carcasses, carcinogenic, carcinogens, carcinoma, carcinomas, cardiac, cardinal, cardiovascular, career, care-poor, carrier, cartilage, castor, catalytic, catastrophic, cathedral, catholic, cauliflower, causally, causative, cavities, cavity, celebrated, cell, cells, cellular, cervical, cervix, cessation, chambers, chanted, charitable, chemical-transmitter, chemist, chemistry, chemists, chemotherapeutic, chemotherapy, chewing, childbirth, chilled, china, cholera, cholesterol, chromosome, chromosomes, chronic, cigar, cigarette, cigarettes, cinchona, circuit, circulate, circulation, circulatory, circumcision, cirrhosis, clinical, clinician, clinicians, clinics, cloister, clone, cloning, coitus, college-based, colon, column, combat, combating, community-based, community-health, compressing, compulsory, computer-aided, computer-assisted, computerised, concoctions, conditioned, confinement, congenital, congestion, congress, connective, contagion, contagious, contending, contention, contraceptive, contraceptives, contraction, contractions, contractual, convey, cord, cornerstone, coronary, corpses, corpus, correlating, cortex, cortisone, counselling, counsellor, counterpart, cradle, cranial, credence, cretinism, crick, criminals, crippled, criticism, cross-resistance, cruciferous, crusades, crypt, culmination, culprit, cuneiform, cupping, curability, curative, Curie, curriculum, curtailed, cytokines, dame, dawn, deaconesses, dean, decadence, dedifferentiation, defect, defective, defects, deficiencies, deficiency, deficits, delegates, deleted, deletion, delineation, demon, demonology, demons, denounced, density, dental, dentist, dentistry, dentists, deoxyribonucleic, departments-local, deplete, deposition, depressive, derangement, dermis, descendants, determinants, detrimental, devastating, developmental, devised, devising, diabetes, diabetics, diagnose, diagnosed, diagnosing, diagnosis, diagnostic, diaphragm, diarrhoea, dictates, diet, dietary, diet-deficiency, dietetics, diffuse, digest, digestion, digestive, digit, digital, digitalis, dilution, dioxide, diphtheria, director-general, disabilities, disability, disable, disabled, disabling, disaster, discernible, discharge, disciple, disconnected, discourage, disease-free, disease-producing, diseases-including, dislocations, disorder, disorders, disorganisation, disparate, dispensed, disproof, disrupted, dissected, dissection, dissections, disseminate, disseminated, disseminating, dissemination, dissipate, diuretics, doctorate, doctrine, doctrines, dogma, donated, donor, donors, doom, dormant, dosages, dose, dose-related, double-layered, draining, drains, drawings, dreaded, dressings, droplets, drug, drugs, dual, ducts, dye, dyes, dynasty, ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical, efficiently, ejaculates, elaborate, elaborated, elaborates, elaboration, electrodes, electromagnetic, electron, electrons, electroshock, elegant, elementary, elements-fire, elevate, elevated, eligibility, eligible, elongation, emanating, embalming, embarking, embodying, embolism, embraced, embraces, embryological, embryology, embryonic, embryos, emetics, emission, emitted, emotional, emotions, emperor, emphysema, empiricists, emulsions, enactment, endanger, endings, endocrine, endocrinologists, endorsed, endurance, enemas, engaged, engulf, enlarged, enlargement, enlarges, enrolled, entitlement, enzyme, enzymes, epidemic, epidemics, epidemiological, epidemiologists, epidemiology, epidermis, epilepsy, epinephrine, epithelial, eradication, erection, essay, essays, et, ethicists, eugenics, evaporation, excelled, excitation, excrete, excretions, excretory, executive, exemptions, exert, exerted, exertion, exhaling, exhausted, exile, expelled, exponents, exposition, extremes, faculty, faeces, fallopian, fatal, fatalities, fatigue, federal-state, fee-for-service, feminine, femoral, fermentation, fertilisation, fertilised, fibre, fibres, fibrous, figs, filter, first-line, fistula, flourished, flourishes, fluid, fluids, foetal, foetus, folk, folklore, forbade, forceps, formaldehyde, formalised, foster, fowl, foxglove, fraction, fractures, fragile, fragments, fraternity, freeman, fringe, fumes, funk, furthered, gall, gamete, gamma, gangrene, gastric, gastrointestinal, gauge, gauges, gene, genes, genesis, genetic, genetics, genius, genome, geographic, germ, germs, gestations, gland, glands, glandular, goitre, gonorrhoea, gonorrhoeal, gross, growths, guidance, gullet, guy, gymnasiums, gymnastic, gymnastics, gynaecologist, gynaecology, haemoglobin, haemorrhage, haemorrhages, harbouring, harmony, hazardous, hazards, headache, headquarters, health-demonstration, health-insurance, health-status, heartbeat, heavy-metal, helium, hemispheres, hemp, henbane, hepatitis, hereditary, heredity, hernia, hero, heroic, herpes, heterogeneity, high-fat, hip, histologist, histology, hoarseness, homer, homoeopathy, honoured, hormone, hormone-dependent, hormones, hospice, hospices, hospital-insurance, humane, humanity, humours, hydrocarbons, hydrophobia, hygiene, hygienic, hypertension, hypertrophy, hypothalamus, hypothyroidism, imaging, imbalance, immovable, immune, immunity, immunisation, immunising, immunologist, immunology, immunosuppressive, impaired, impedes, impetus, implant, implantation, implanted, impressive, impulse, impulses, incantation, incantations, incision, incomparably, incubated, incubation, indebted, indigestion, industrialisation, industrialised, inelastic, infant, infants, infarction, infected, infection, infections, infectious, inferior, infiltrate, infiltration, infirm, infirmary, infirmity, inflammation, influenza, ingestion, inhale, inhaled, inhaling, inheritance, inherited, injected, injecting, injection, injections, inmates, inoculated, inoculating, inoculation, inoperable, inpatient, insanity, insemination, inseminations, inseparable, insisting, inspired, insulate, insulin, intake, integrative, intellectual, interferon, interior, intermittent, interrogation, intestinal, intestine, intestines, intrauterine, intrusion, invade, invader, invasion, invasive, inversely, involuntary, irradiation, irritants, isomers, isotope, isotopes, isotopic, jogging, judo, jugular, karate, kidney, kidneys, knights, laboratory, lactation, lactic, landowners, large-cell, laryngeal, laser, latent, laxatives, legionnaires, lemon, lenses, leprosy, lesions, leucotomy, leukaemia, lieu, life-style, life-styles, life-support, ligaments, ligature, lingering, lipid, lithium, liver, lobe, lobotomy, localised, localising, lodge, long-term, low-status, lubricate, lukewarm, lymph, lymphatic, lymph-node-bearing, lymphocytes, lymphoma, lymphomas, magic, magical, magnetic, magnetism, magnification, mainstay, malaria, malarial, malevolent, malformations, malfunctioning, malignancy, malignant, malnutrition, mammogram, mammography, manic-depressive, manifestations, manuscripts, marrow, martial, massage, mastectomy, maternal, maternity, mathematician, measles, mechanists, medical-care, medical-insurance, medication, medications, medieval, melanoma, mellitus, membranes, menopause, menstruation, merging, mesons, metabolic, metabolism, metabolites, metastases, metastasis, microanatomy, microbiologist, microbiologists, microbiology, microscope, microscopes, microscopic, microscopically, midwife, midwives, milestone, milliseconds, mineralogist, mingled, mirror, mishaps, mission, mitigate, modality, modifiers, mole, molecular, molecule, molecules, monoxide, morbidity, morphology, mortality, mosquito, moths, mould, mounted, movable, mumps, municipal, muscle, muscles, muscular, mutation, mutations, myocardial, mystical, nagging, naked, napoleon, narcotic, national-is, naturalist, needy, neighbouring, neoplasm, nephritis, nerve, nerves, nervous, neurological, neurologist, neuromuscular, neurosurgeon, neutrons, newborn, nicotine, nightingale, nitrate, nitrite-cured, nitrogen, node, nodes, nomenclature, nongovernmental, non-tipped, noteworthy, nuclei, nursery, nursing-home, nurturing, nutrient, nutrients, nutrition, nutritional, nutritious, oath, obesity, obligated, obstetrician, obstetrics, obstructing, obstruction, obstructive, oesophagus, oestrogen, oil-soaked, one-pack-a-day, oneself, opaque, operable, ophthalmic, ophthalmology, ophthalmoscope, opium, opposition, optical, optics, optimal, oral, organic, organism, organisms, orifices, originating, outnumber, outpatient, outset, ova, ovarian, ovaries, overcrowded, overeating, overproduction, overrun, overshadowed, overt, ovulation, ovum, oxford, oxides, oxygen, pacific, pack-years, palaeontologist, palliation, palliative, palpation, pancreas, pancreatic, papyrus, par, parasite, parasitic, parasympathetic, parathyroid, particulate, partnerships, pastor, pathological, pathologist, pathology, pathways, patients, paved, payable, pectoris, pellagra, pelvic, penetrate, penetrating, penicillin, penis, percussion, peripheral, perish, peristalsis, pernicious, personality, personnel, peter, phagocytes, pharaoh, pharmacology, pharyngeal, pharynx, phosphorus, photographic, phrenology, physician, physicians, physicist, physicists, physics, physiological, physiologist, physiologists, physiology, pi, pictographs, pigments, pioneer, pioneering, pioneers, pithy, pituitary, plague, plant-breeding, plasma, plastic, pneumonia, polarised, policy-making, poliomyelitis, pollutants, pores, porous, portray, positron, posterior, postoperative, posture, potassium, potent, potions, poultices, powerless, pox, precautions, preclude, precursor, predispose, predisposes, predominately, pregnancies, pregnancy, pregnant, prehistoric, premature, premiums, preoperative, preparatory, prescribed, prescribing, prescription, prescriptions, present-day, prevailing, prevalence, preventive, priesthood, priest-magician, probe, probing, professor, progesterone, prognosis, prognostic, prognostics, prolapsed, proliferate, proliferates, proliferating, proliferation, prolonged, propelled, propelling, prosperity, prostate, prosthetic, protein, proteins, protestant, protons, provincial, proximity, psoriasis, psychiatric, psychoanalysis, psychosurgery, psychotherapy, psychotic, puberty, public-assistance, public-health, publicised, puerperal, pulmonary, puncture, purges, purification, pyramid, quinine, rabid, rabies, radiation, radiations, radioactive, radiological, radiology, radiotherapy, radium, radon, ram, rash, reappear, reattached, recall, receptor, receptors, recipient, recognisable, reconcile, reconstructive, rectal, rectum, recurrent, rediscovery, red-meat, reed, references, reflex, reflexes, reflexive, reform, reformation, reformer, reforms, refraction, refuge, refuted, refuting, regularity, rehabilitation, rehabilitative, rejoined, rejoining, remnants, renaissance, renal, rendered, renowned, repeal, repealed, replenishing, replication, reproductive, resemble, resembles, resembling, resetting, resistant, resonance, resort, resorting, respiration, respirators, respiratory, resurgence, retrieval, retrieve, retrieved, retrovirus, revitalised, revival, revived, rheumatic, rhubarb, rhythm, rhythmic, ribs, rickets, ridiculous, right-handed, risen, ritual, roentgen, roger, roman, rotate, rotated, rotation, routine, routinely, rubella, rudimentary, salaried, saliva, salivary, salons, salt-cured, salts, sanitary, sanitation, sarcomas, saturated, scabies, scan, scandals, scanner, scanning, scarlet, scholar, scholastic, scourges, scrutiny, scurvy, searing, secretariat, secrete, secreted, secretes, secretion, secretions, sect, sects, secular, seemingly, segments, segregation, seizures, self-discipline, self-examination, self-reproduction, semen, senior, septicaemia, serums, severed, sewage, shed, sheds, shrink, silkworm, silkworms, simplex, simultaneously, skeletal, skeleton, skeletons, skull, skulls, slice, slices, slough, small-cell, smallpox, smear, smoke-free, smoker, snatching, sneezing, snuff, sodium, solo, somatic, sophisticated, sorcerer, south-east, span, speaking, specialities, spectacles, spectacular, spectrophotometer, speculum, sperm, spinal, spine, spleen, splints, spontaneous, spontaneously, sprouts, stagnation, stamina, standardisation, starving, state-sponsored, sterilisation, sterilise, stethoscope, stigma, stillbirths, stimulant, stimulate, stimulated, stimulates, stimulating, stimulation, stimulus, stool, stormy, stratum, strenuous, streptococcal, streptomycin, strides, strokes, studios, subclasses, subcontinent, subdivide, subdivided, subdivisions, subjective, sublimation, subtypes, sufferers, sulphanilamide, sulphonamide, sulphur, summoned, sunscreen, sunscreens, superficial, superior, supernatural, superstition, supervision, supplanted, supplemental, supplementation, supplies-resulted, surgeon, surgery, surgical, surgically, surpassed, surrogate, surtax, surveillance, survivals, susceptible, sutures, symptoms, syndrome, synthesis, synthesise, synthesised, syphilis, systematised, tablets, tagged, takeover, talismans, tanner, tannic, taxation, taxonomist, team-working, tendons, termed, terminally, testament, testes, testicles, testicular, testis, testosterone, test-tube, tetanus, thawing, theocratic, theologian, therapeutic, therapies, therapy, thereafter, thickening, thinker, thin-walled, three-dimensional, threshold, thrived, thrombosis, thymus, thyroid, tiny, tissue, tissues, tolerable, tolerance, toll, tone, torturing, toxic, toxicity, toxicology, tracer, tract, training-most, traits, tranquilliser, transfusion, transfusions, translator, translocations, transparent, transplant, transplantation, transplants, transpositions, treatise, treatises, tremendous, trepanning, triplets, tuberculosis, tubules, tumour, tumours, tumour-specific, tumour-suppressor, twins, tympanum, typhoid, typhus, typified, ultrasonic, ultrasound, ultraviolet, unabsorbed, unborn, unchecked, unclear, underground, undernourished, understaffed, undesired, undifferentiated, undisputed, unexplored, uninhabitable, unstained, unsupported, untreated, unwashed, urinary, urine, uterine, uterus, vaccinating, vaccination, vaccine, vaccines, vacuum, vagina, valves, van, vascular, vasoconstrictor, vasomotor, vast, vastly, vector, vegetables, vein, veins, venomous, venous, ventricle, ventricles, vertebrae, very-high-frequency, viable, victim, victor, viral, virulent, virus, viruses, viscera, vital, vitality, vitamin, vitamins, vitro, vivisection, vocational, vomiting, vulnerable, warded, warming-up, warren, wart, wavelength, wavelengths, weakened, well-balanced, well-being, white-collar, whooping, withering, womb, workplace, worldwide, wormwood, woven, wrath, x-ray, x-rays, yeast, yellow, yoga, zygote, zygotes

- Computer Science

access-control, acronym, add-on, Algol, algorithm, algorithmic, algorithms, aliasing, altair, analog, animation, animations, applet, applets, archives, arithmetic, array, arrays, assembler, assemblers, assembly-language, asynchronous, authenticating, Babbage, backbone, backup, bandwidth, barcode, batch, binary, bios, bitmap, Bluetooth, Broadband, browse, browser, browsers, buffer, bug, bugs, built-in, byte, bytes, cable, cables, cable-television, CAD, Calculus, capacitor, capacitors, cartridge, casing, cathode, cell, cells, chassis, checksum, chip, chips, circuit, circuitry, circuits, clicking, clicks, clones, Cobol, Compaq, compile, compiler, compilers, compress, CompuServe, computability, computer-aided, computer-animated, computer-controlled, computer-generated, computerisation, computerised, computer-network, computer-related, CPU, Cray, cross-indexed, cross-platform, CRT, crystal, crystals, cursor, cybernetics, cyberspace, cyborg, database, databases, database-storage, data-processing, DC, debugger, debuggers, debugging, decimal, decode, decoder, decodes, decrypt, defaults, demodulating, desktop, desktops, digit, digital, digitally, digitised, digits, diodes, directories, disc, domain, discs, disk, disk-read, disk-recordable, disks, dithering, docks, DOS, downloaded, downloads, electromagnetic, electron, electronic, electronically, electronics, e-mail, embedded, encode, encoded, encodes, encrypted, encryption, erased, erasing, ethernet, excel, executable, executables, execute, executed, executes, executing, feedback, fibre, fingerprints, firewall, firewalls, floppy, Fortran, gigabyte, gigabytes, graph, graphical, graphically, graphics, graphs, grid, GUI, GUIs, hack, hackers, handshaking, hard-disk, hardware, hardwired, higher-level, high-level, high-speed, high-technology, HTML, IBM, IBM-compatible, icon, icons, image-making, imaging, inherit, input-output, installations, instrumentation, integrator, Intel, interconnected, interconnections, interface, interfaces, interfacing, Internet, interpolates, interpreter, interpreters, intersection, intersections, Java, Javascript, joystick, kernel, keyboard, keyboards, kilobyte, kilobytes, LAN, laptop, large-scale, laser, lasers, laserwriter, LCD, LCDs, LED, LEDs, light-emitting, linear, Lisp, low-level, low-power, mac, machine-language, macintosh, macro, macros, magnetic, magnetised, magneto-optical, mainframe, malfunction, malfunctioning, malfunctions, mapping, mass-storage, mathematical, mathematically, mathematician, mathematicians, mathematics, matrix, megabit, megabyte, megabytes, microcomputer, micro-manipulators, microphone, microprocessor, microprocessors, miniaturised, minicomputers, mini-program, mini-programs, misuse, modem, modems, modular, module, morph, morphed, morphing, multimedia, network-linked, neural, node, nonnumeric, notation, notepads, object-oriented, online, on-screen, optical, optics, optimal, overlaid, pagers, password, passwords, peripheral, peripherals, personal-computer, pixel, pixels, placement, platform, platform-dependent, platform-independent, polygons, portable, ports, precursor, prefixes, printer, privacy, privileges, procedure-oriented, processor, processors, programmable, programmer, programmers, protocol, punch, punch-card, punched, query, queues, RAM, random-access, read-only, read-write, real-time, reformatting, render, rendered, rendering, repetitive, replicate, reprogrammed, retinal, retrieval, retrieve, retrieved, retrieves, retrieving, rewrite, rewritten, RGB, robot, robotics, robots, rocket, ROM, ROMs, routine, routines, satellites, scan, scanner, scanners, scans, scrambled, scratchpad, scroll, second-generation, semiconductor, semiconductors, sensor, sensors, server, servers, silicon, slots, software, solid-state, soundcard, spam, spreadsheet, spreadsheets, storage, subdivisions, subroutine, subroutines, supercomputer, supercomputers, supercomputing, superconductors, switch, switches, switching, syntax, tabulating, tabulator, tamper, tamper-resistant, technicians, technologies, telecommunications, terabit, terabyte, trackball, transistor, transistors, Trojan, two-bit, UNIX, unscramble, unscrambled, update, updated, upgrade, upgraded, upload, versa, video, virtual-reality, virus, viruses, voltages, wallpaper, WAN, web, workstation, workstations, write-head, www

- Mathematics

abbreviation, abbreviations, acceleration, acute, algebra, algebraic, angular, annuity, anti-logarithm, apex, apexes, arithmetic, arithmetical, ascending, axis, best-fit, binomial, bracket, brackets, calculators, cancel, Cartesian, chord, circumference, circumscribe, clockwise, coefficients, column, columns, compound, concise, concisely, cone, cones, consecutive, converge, convergent, cos, cosine, cosines, cot, cotangent, critical, cross-section, cross-sectional, cube, cubed, cubes, cubic, cuboid, cylinder, cylindrical, decimal, decimals, denominator, determinant, diagonal, diagram, diagrammatically, diagrams, diameter, digit, digits, diverge, divergent, divisible, divisor, dodecahedron, eighteenths, eighths, eight-sided, elevation, ellipse, ellipsoid, elliptical, equidistant, equilateral, Euclid, Euler, exhaustive, extrapolate, extrapolation, factorial, factorise, Fibonacci, fifteenths, fifths, five-sided, four-sided, fraction, fractional, fractions, generalized, geometric, geometrical, geometry, gradient, gradients, graph, graphics, graphs, gravity, Greek, handbook, height, heights, helix, hemisphere, heptagon, heptagonal, hexagon, hexagonal, hexahedron, histogram, hypotenuse, indices, infinity, inflection, inflexion, inscribe, integer, interest, interior, interpolate, interpolation, intersect, intersecting, intersection, interval, intuition, invariant, inverse, inversely, isosceles, italic, italics, iterate, iteration, Latin, loci, locus, locuses, logarithm, logarithmic, lower-case, magnitude, math, mathematical, mathematically, mathematician, mathematicians, mathematics, maths, matrices, matrix, median, metric, minus, modal, momentum, multiples, multiplications, ninths, non-mathematical, nonnegative, non-parallel, non-zero, numeracy, numerator, oblique, oblong, obtuse, octagon, octagonal, octahedron, ordinate, ordinates, parabola, parabolas, paradox, parallelogram, parallelograms, pentagon, pentagonal, perimeter, perimeters, peripheral, perpendicular, plot, plotted, plotting, polar, polygon, polyhedron, predetermined, progression, pyramid, Pythagoras, Pythagorean, quadrangle, quadrant, quadratic, quadrilateral, quotient, radii, radius, rearrange, rearranging, reciprocal, rectangle, rectangles, rectangular, recurring, recursion, recursive, rhombus, right-angled, right-hand, right-handed, rotate, rotating, rounding, secant, segment, segments, semi, semicircle, semi-circle, semi-circular, seven-sided, sevenths, simultaneous, sin, sine, slice, slices, squared, stationary, straight-line, straight-sided, subintervals, subset, subtend, subtract, subtracting, subtraction, subtractions, tan, tangent, theorem, theorems, three-dimensional, three-sided, trapezium, triangle, triangles, triangular, trigonometrical, trigonometry, two-dimensional, underline, vector, vectors, velocity, Venn, vertex, vertexes, vertical, vertically, vertices, widths, x-axis, y-axis

One difficulty with the use of words in mathematics is that some frequent words in English are used with specialised meanings in mathematics. Here are some examples.

absolute, approach, argument, arguments, average, balance, base, bit, braces, cancel, column, complement, common, complementary, complex, condition, constant, converge, cube, cubed, cubes cubic, degree, derive, differentiate, diverge, equal, equation, equivalent, equivalents, even, express, extend, exterior, factor, generate, imaginary, index, indexes, indices, initial, integrate, interior, interval, inverse, linear, map, mean, mode, odd, origin, plane, plot, point, power, prime, project, projection, proof, proper, prove, real, reflex, right, root, round, row, rule, series, set, significant, similar, simultaneous, solution, solve, square, substitute, supplementary, table, tend, tendency, term, transpose, trend, value, variable

Mathematics words exercise
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