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Plucking the Canada Jay
Plucking the Canada Jay

Some people just don’t understand how a bird thinks. But I bet you do! Once though there was a farmer in New Brunswick who had a problem with a certain bird called a Blue Jay or Canada Jay.

The Canada Jay is not known for being polite. This bird is just too loud! It's always shouting “Gee! Gee! Hungree!” It likes to eat fleas and ticks from its friend the moose’s back. But its favourite food is food from – people!

This farmer in New Brunswick was very grumpy. And he had lots of thick, strong hair. He loved his hair. Whenever this farmer sat on his woodpile to eat, a Canada Jay bird would appear.

The farmer didn’t like the Canada Jay. Every time he would try to eat his lunch, the Jay would try to steal it. A piece of banana, a sandwich, whatever the bird could get. One day the farmer said to his neighbour, “Next time that bird tries to steal my lunch, just watch what I will do!” “Be careful,” said his neighbour, “The Canada Jay is a special bird, don’t you know. Bad luck to hurt them.” “Hhhhmmph!” said the farmer.

And the very next day, the farmer sits to eat his lunch. He is VERY hungry, after working hard all morning. And just when he is about to bite into his beef pie – “Gee gee hungree!!” - up swoops the Canada Jay and takes his favourite part – the crust!

Well the grumpy farmer jumped up and grabbed the Canada Jay. He plucked every feather from that bird! The bird let out a faint “Gee…Gee” and fell dead right there.

The farmer’s neighbour told him he’d be sorry, and the farmer laughed, “Hhhhmph!” But he laughed too soon. The next morning he woke up and combed his thick, strong hair – and it all fell out! Every last hair! Bald as a rock on his field.

So if ever you are in New Brunswick and you see a bald farmer, you can ask, “Are you the farmer who plucked the Canada Jay?”

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