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Northern Lights
Northern Lights

Once there was a boy who was so strong he could wrestle bears. The people of his village had never seen anyone so powerful. One day the boy said, “I am going far away to find other men who are as strong as I am. Then my strength will be tested and I will come back to my village.”

The boy sets off, and before long, he meets two other strong boys. One of them rescues a whole canoe full of people, on a river. The other pushes a stone as big as a house up a mountain. The three strong boys decide to build a house and hunt together.

Every day a little boy comes to the house and asks for food. The three strong boys feel sorry for him and feed him. But every time, the little boy eats all the food, leaving nothing for the others. One day the strong boy decides to stop the little boy from leaving. After quite a scuffle, the little boy surrenders and tells the strong boy, “I have three magical sisters, and you may marry one of them, if she is willing”.

The strong boy becomes close friends with one of the sisters, and they decide to get married. The boy and girl live happily in the forest and take care of each other. But after a while, the strong boy decides to visit his village as he promised to do after testing his strength. The boy tells his wife he’ll come back in a few days. But the girl is afraid that a magic spell will make him forget all about her. And that’s exactly what happens.

The girl waits for him in the forest for a long, long time. Then, late one autumn, she goes looking for him. She waits on the bank of the river and when she sees the boy coming in his canoe, she begins to sing. The girl sings a song so enchanting that when the boy hears it, he remembers everything about his life with her.

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