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How the Sea Became Salty
How the Sea Became Salty

Once in Nova Scotia there were two brothers. One brother was rich and the other was very poor. At first the poor brother didn’t know what to do, and then he decided he would go to sea and seek his fortune. He travelled far and he walked and he walked and soon he became very hungry - but all he had was a piece of bread. Then he met an old man on the road who said to him, "Oh! I'm so hungry!"

"Well," the poor brother said, "I haven't got much, but I'll give you what I've got." So he gave the old man his piece of bread.

The old man asked, "Where are you going young man?"

"I'm going to seek my fortune," said the poor brother.

"Well," said the old man, "Because you were so good to me and gave me your bread, I'm going to give you a little mill to grind. All you have to do is turn it. Whatever your heart desires, you will be able to have it."

The poor brother was very happy. He started to work and he ground himself a ship, oh a very fine ship, and he could finally go to sea to seek his fortune. He had nothing to put in the ship so he thought he'd fill her full of salt. So he started to grind and grind and thought of all the things he could buy when he sold the salt. And he ground and he ground and then he didn't know how to stop - eventually he ground so much salt that his ship sunk and it made the ocean salty. And it's been salty ever since - he's down there grinding still!

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