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How The Niagara Falls Came to Be
How The Niagara Falls Came to Be

Once there were five sisters who lived on top of a mountain. They lived in a home made with birch bark that shone like silver in the full moon light. They loved to sit on top of their mountain and watch the blue sea far away.

And the five sisters loved to play and tumble. Their dresses were white and blue like the sea and flowed out around them when they tumbled and jumped. Their shoes sparkled like ten icicles and they had wings made of rainbows.

One day they said “Let’s go and play in the sea!” So one, two three, four, five, they climbed down their mountain and tumbled and leaped over fields and through trees until they came to a tall, tall rock. Not as tall as their mountain with their birch bark home, but still very tall. And very steep. It was not so easy to climb down, even for sisters with rainbow wings.

The youngest one said, “Sisters! Don’t be scared! We can’t go back home or the cougars will laugh at us! Let’s find new ways to jump and tumble down this tall rock so we can go play in the blue sea!”

All five sisters held hands and took a deep, deep breath and – one, two three four, five, they jumped and tumbled like they had never done before! They laughed and cheered all the way down to the bottom. Their wings shone the seven colours of the rainbow and their dresses flowed white and blue. It was so much fun that they shouted “Let’s try again!”

So up the tall rock they climbed as quickly as their sparkling icicle shoes would carry them. When they got to the top, again they held all ten hands and took a deep breath - and one, two three, four, five, tumbled and jumped over and over, like acrobats at a circus, laughing and sparkling and blue and white dresses flowing all the way.

It went far past the sisters’ suppertime, and they forgot about visiting the blue sea. Climbing and jumping, jumping and climbing, they continued until dark, delighted by the new tumbles they discovered on the way. The youngest sister was very good and she would teach the others her new tricks. The moon came up full, and still they sparkled and shone and laughed as they fell through its bright light.

When the sun rose the next morning, instead of the tall, steep rock that had scared the sisters a little, there was rushing, roaring water pouring over it. The five sisters had continued to play all night. They never did reach the sea - they are playing there still. That is how the Niagara Falls came to be. And if you look very closely, you can see the sparkling of one, two, three, four, five sisters’ icicle shoes and the rainbow colours of their ten wings – and maybe even hear them laughing in Niagara Falls’ tumbling and rushing blue water…

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