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Bukolla the Cow gets Lost
Bukolla the Cow gets Lost

Bukolla the cow lives with a boy named Petur and his grandfather on the prairies of Gimli, Manitoba. One beautiful clear day when you can almost see across the flat prairies to the Rocky Mountains, Bukolla gets lost.

Petur says he will go look for Bukolla the cow because it is getting time to milk her. He sets out across the prairies and walks west. He calls out “Bukolla! If you can hear me, moooo!” The cow moos from some place very far across the prairies. Petur walks and he walks toward where he thinks the cow is. He almost gets to the Rocky Mountains and he becomes very hungry. So he sits down to eat.

When he has finished the lunch his grandfather gave him, Petur call out again, “Bukolla the cow! If you can hear me too, moooo!!” And Bukolla moos, closer this time! Petur reaches the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is so happy to see the cow standing there, tied to a post.

They start to walk back east across the prairies to Manitoba when they hear a terrible crashing and pounding behind them. Two ogres who had stolen the cow are chasing them! Bukolla says, “Take a red hair from my tail and lay it on the ground. A massive fire will start that the ogres cannot get through.” And sure enough, a huge fire roars up. But the ogres have a bull and they tell the bull to drink up Lake Manitoba. Then the bull spits all the Lake Manitoba water he has drunk onto the fire. And psssst! The fire goes out.

So Bukolla says “Take a red hair from my tail and lay it on the ground. A mountain higher than the Rockies will appear – a mountain so high, only an eagle will get over it.” And sure enough, a massive mountain appears. But the ogres get a drill and start to cut a tunnel through the mountain.

They are so greedy for the cow that the ogres climb in before the tunnel is big enough. They both try to squeeze through at the same time and – get stuck tight! They are crashing and pounding in that mountain still today. But Petur and Bukolla make it back to his grandfather’s house. And again Bukolla the cow moos happily, her voice carrying all across the Manitoba prairies.

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