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Golf - Учебные материалы
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Учебные материалы » Английская лексика по темам » Sport (спорт) » Golf
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Ace A hole in one
Away The player whose ball is furthest from the hole.
"Who's away?"
Birdie One stroke under par (par = standard score for the hole)
Bogey One stroke over par (par = standard score for the hole)
Bunker A sand trap or hazard
Caddie Person who accompanies a player, carries their golf bag and gives advice
Cart ( also: buggy) Small vehicle for tranporting two players and their golf bags
Chip A low short shot to the green
Course (golf course) A large area of land designed for playing golf.
The course is divided into 9 or 18 holes.
Dog leg A fairway that turns left or right
Drive The first shot on every hole
Driver Wood n° 1
Driving range Practice area with mats, or on grass.
Some driving ranges are sheltered or have overhead protection.
Eagle Two strokes under par (par = standard score for the hole).
Fairway Part of the golf course between the tee and the green which is kept free of rough grass
Flag stick Pin supporting a flag on the green
Fore! A warning call when a ball is heading towards another player
G.A.S.P. Grip, address, stance and posture :
what you need to check before starting your swing.
Green Part of the golf course with grass cut very short, surrounding a hole
The hole contains a cup into which players try to "putt" their ball.
A flag shows the position of the hole.
Green fee Fee paid to play a round (game) of golf
Handicap A numerical representation of a golfer's playhing ability
Hazard A difficulty or obstruction on a golf course such as a lake, pond, fence or bunker.
Honour The player with the best or lowest score on the previous hole has "the honour" or the right to tee off first on the next hole. - натуральная косметика, БАДы, товары для дома и детей и многое другое по очень низким ценам.
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Учебные материалы » Английская лексика по темам » Sport (спорт) » Golf
Страница 1 из 1 1

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