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Health and wellness - Учебные материалы
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Учебные материалы » Английская лексика по темам » Health (здоровье) » Health and wellness
Health and wellness
Maru Дата: Четверг, 13.12.2012, 23:38 | Сообщение # 1
Your English Teacher
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A) Abnormal, Abstinence, Accessible, Ache, Active, Activity, Acupuncture, Addictive, Additives, Advocate, Aerobics, Affect, AIDS, Alarming, Alcohol, Alert, Alimentation, Allergy, Ambulatory, Anatomy, Anatomy, Anemia, Anorexia, Antidote, Anxiety, Appearance, Appetite, Athlete, Athletics
cool Bacteria, Balance, Beauty, Behavior, Bend, Benefit, Biceps, Bicycling, Biofeedback, Blood, Blood pressure, Body, Bones, Booze, Breath, Breathe
C) Calcium, Calisthenics, Calorie, Capacity, Care, Cereals, Challenges, Champion, Change, Choices, Circulation, Clean, Clinic, Coach, Collapse, Comestibles, Commitment, Communication, Competition, Conditioning, Consequence, Contribute, Control, Coordination, Cope, Courage, Crime, Cross-train, Crouch, Cuisine, Culinary, Curative, Cure
D) Dangerous, Dating, Deadly, Decision, Defect, Dehydration, Dentist, Depression, Develop, Diagnostic, Diet, Digest, Digestion, Diner, Dinner, Disability, Discipline, Disease, Dish, Disorder, Doctor, Drinking, Drive, Drugs
E) Eating, Education, Effect, Elder care, Emerging, Emotional, Endurance, Energy, Enforce, Epidemic, Equipment, Erect, Ergonomics, Establish, Excess, Exercise, Experience
F) Family, Fast food, Fitness, Flavor, Flexible, Folic acid, Food pyramid, Fracture, Fragrant, Framework, Freedom, Friends, Friendship, Fruit, Function
G) Gain, Generation, Genetics, Glands, Goal, Grain(s), Grip, Growth, Guideline, Gymnasium
H) Habit, Handle, Harmful, Headache, Health, Healthy, Helpful, Herbs, High blood pressure, HIV, Homemade, Hormones, Hospital, Humor, Hunger, Hungry, Hygiene, Hygienic
I) Image, Immunization, Impact, Improvement, Inactivity, Individual, Infancy, Infection, Infirm, Infirmary, Inflammation, Influence, Influenza, Ingredient, Inherent, Injury, Innovate, Insulin, Insurance, Integrity, Intensity, Interpretation, Intimate, Investigate, Involuntary, Iron, Isotonic
J) Jazzercise, Jog, Joints, Judge, Jujitsu, Jump
K) Karate, Kinesics, Kinesiology, Kinesthesia, Kinetic
L) Laughter, Laziness, Learning, Liability, Lifestyle, Limits, Living, Longevity, Lose, Losing, Loss, Lumbar
M) Maintenance, Management, Maneuver, Martial Arts, Massage, Masseur, Mat, Maximize, Measure, Medical, Medication, Medicine, Memory, Mental health, Metabolic, Method, Minerals, Minimize, Mixture, Moisture, Monitor, Mood, Motion, Motivate, Motivation, Movement, Muscles
N) Narcotics, Nauseous, Nemesis, Nerves, Nicotine, Nurse, Nutrient, Nutrition
O) Obese, Obstacle, Olfactory, Opportunity, Optimism, Option, Ossification, Outbreak, Outstanding, Overweight, Oxygen
P) Panacea, Panic, Participation, Peer, Percentage, Performance, Perspiration, Pessimism, Petrify, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Play, Pollution, Popularity, Portion, Position, Positive, Posture, Potent, Power, Power play, Practice, Pregnancy, Prenatal, Preserve, Pressure, Prevention, Process, Professional, Program, Promising, Proportion, Protection, Psychology, Pulley, Puncture
Q) Quadriceps Regimen, Quick, Quiver
R) Radiation, Rebound, Recognition, Record, Recovery, Recreation, Reflex, Refreshment, Regulation, Rehabilitation, Relationship, Relaxation, Religion, Representative, Research, Reserve, Resilient, Resistance, Respiration, Respiration, Response, Responsibility, Restoration, Resuscitation, Risk, Rivalry, Role, Rolfing, Rotation, Routine, Rush
S) Safety, Sanitary, Sauna, Scare, Scenario, Scientific studies, Seasonings, Sedentary, Self-defense, Senile, Sex, Shape Siblings, Signal, Simple steps, Size, Skin, Sleep, Slide, Smog, Smoking, Soothe, Spa, Speculation, Speed, Speed-walk, Spirit, Sports, Sportsmanship, Squad, Squat, Stability, Stamina, Staple, Starve, Statistics, STD, Stimulate, Strategy, Strength, Strenuous, Stress, Stretching, Stride, Strong, Struggle, Substance, Suitability, Superstition, Supination, Supplement(s), Support, Supremacy, Surgery, Suspension, Swimming, Symptoms, System
T) Tackle, Taunting, Team, Teammate, Teasing, Technique, Technique, Temptation, Tension, Terror, Testing, Therapeutic, Therapy, Timing, Tobacco, Tone, Torso, Tournament, Toxin, Trainer, Training, Transformation, Transplant, Trauma, Treatment, Tremors, Trend
U) Ulcer, Ultrasound, Unhealthy, Unrestricted, Unusual
V) Vaccination, Valor, Vault, Vegetables, Vibration, Victory, Vigorous, Violation, Virus, Vital, Vitamin, Voluntary, Vulnerable
W) Walking, Warm up, Watchful, Water, Weigh, Weight, Weights, Welfare, Wellness, Whirlpool, Whole-grain, Win, Wince, Winning, Wisdom, Witness, Work, Work out, Wrinkles
X) X-rays
Y) Yoga, Youth
Z) Zeal, Zest, Zinc, Zone - натуральная косметика, БАДы, товары для дома и детей и многое другое по очень низким ценам.
Используйте код VEF438 для получения скидки 10 долларов при первой покупке.
Учебные материалы » Английская лексика по темам » Health (здоровье) » Health and wellness
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