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At a restaurant - В ресторане - Страница 5 - Учебные материалы
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Учебные материалы » English Conversations » Survival English - бытовые ситуации на английском » At a restaurant - В ресторане
At a restaurant - В ресторане
MaruДата: Понедельник, 24.05.2010, 23:35 | Сообщение # 81
Your English Teacher
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10. Do I Hear $60,000?

A: I don't believe the art world.

B: What is it this time?

A: An Andy Warhol drawing.

B: He's a famous artist.

A: He drew two butterflies and a flower on a napkin in a restaurant.

B: Did he sign it?

A: Yes.

B: Is it beautiful?

A: It's just black ink on a white napkin. And the napkin has food stains!

B: So it's not worth much?

A: Only about $30,000.

B: Without the food stains, it would probably be worth more.

MaruДата: Вторник, 25.05.2010, 00:27 | Сообщение # 82
Your English Teacher
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At the restaurant

1) The waiter

What can I do for you?
Can I help you?
Can I take your coat?
Have you booked a table?
How many are you?
Would you follow me, please?
Can I take your order, sir/madam?
What would you like to start with?
What would you like to drink?
What would you like for dessert?
How would you like your steak? (rare, medium, well done)
Do you want a salad with it?
What kind of dressing?
Anything to drink?
Do you want a dessert?
The burgers are very good.
Sorry, the hamburgers are off.
Is everything all right?
Did you enjoy your meal?
Are you paying together?
May I show you to a table?
If you wait, there'll be a table for you free in a minute.
Do you want vegetables with it?
Why don't you try the pizza?
It'll take about 20 minutes.

MaruДата: Вторник, 25.05.2010, 00:28 | Сообщение # 83
Your English Teacher
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At the restaurant

2) The guest

A table for two, please.
May we sit at this table?
The menu, please.
What's on the menu?
Do you want fish?
What's Irish Stew like?
We're not ready yet.
The steak for me, please.
Can you bring me the ketchup, please?
A salad, please.
I'll have the same.
That's all, thank you.
Can I have the bill (AE: check), please?
This is on me.
Here you are.
The rest is for you.
Have you got wine by the glass?
I'd prefer red wine.
Please bring us another beer.
Could I have chips (AE: French Fries) instead of salad?
What can you recommend?
Please bring me the bill (AE: check) with my coffee.
I think you've made a mistake.

MaruДата: Вторник, 25.05.2010, 16:02 | Сообщение # 84
Your English Teacher
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Ordering Lunch

Karl: Do you have time to stop for lunch?

Ann: Yes, I'm hungry. This restaurant has a good selection and the prices are moderate.

Karl: That sounds fine with me. Let's try it.

Ann: Where do you want to sit, the smoking or the nonsmoking section?

Karl: I prefer nonsmoking, but the sign says to wait to be seated.

Hostess: Good afternoon. How many are in your party?

Ann: Just two and we'd like a booth in the nonsmoking section, if you have one.

Hostess: Right this way. Follow me. Will this booth be all right?

Karl: The one by the window would be better, thanks.

Ann: No problem. Here are your menus. Your server will be right with you.

Server: Hello, my name is Chris, and I'm your server today. May I bring you something to begin with, a drink or some appetizers perhaps?

Karl: No appetizer for me. I'll have a glass of water for now.

Ann: I'd like an iced tea, decaffeinated or herbal. What flavors do you have?

Server: We have mint, peach, or raspberry.

Ann: Bring me a large mint, please.

Server: Will that be all, or are you ready to order?

Karl: I'm ready. I'll have the veggie sandwich on whole wheat. Hold the mayonnaise, please.

Server: That comes with your choice of soup or a salad.

Karl: What soups do you have?

Server: We have potato, bean, vegetable beef, or cream of broccoli.

Karl: Does the potato soup have pork in it?

Server: Yes, it has pieces of ham.

Karl: Well, then I'll have the cream of broccoli.

Ann: I'd like a hamburger on a sour dough bun with plenty of onions, please.

Sever: How do you want your burger cooked, medium, or well done?

Ann: Medium will be fine, thanks.

Server: The burger comes with your choice of cole slaw or fries.

Ann: Make it fries, and please bring ketchup with them.

Server: Will that be all?

Karl: I think so. Please bring us the check when you return with our food. We're pressed for time.

MaruДата: Четверг, 27.05.2010, 10:37 | Сообщение # 85
Your English Teacher
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At a Restaurant -В ресторане



I’d like orange juice, hot rolls with butter and honey, and black coffee, please.
Я хотел бы апельсиновый сок, горячие булочки с маслом и медом и черный кофе, пожалуйста.

Corn flakes with milk, please.
Кукурузные хлопья с молоком, пожалуйста.

I’d like grapefruit juice, bacon and eggs, and coffee with cream, no sugar, please.
Я хотел бы грейпфрутовый сок, яичницу с беконом и кофе со сливками, без сахара.

I’ll have orange juice, cheese omelette, toast, strawberry jam and tea with lemon.
Я возьму апельсиновый сок, омлет с сыром, тосты, клубничный джем и чай с лимоном.

I’ll have pancakes with maple syrup, please, and a glass of milk.
Я возьму блины с кленовым сиропом, пожалуйста, и стакан молока.

MaruДата: Четверг, 27.05.2010, 10:38 | Сообщение # 86
Your English Teacher
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Lunch - Ленч

I’d like a hamburger, French fries, coleslaw and a mug of beer, please.
Я хотел бы гамбургер, жареный картофель, капустный салат и кружку пива, пожалуйста.

I’ll have a ham sandwich, potato salad and coffee with milk, please.
Я возьму бутерброд с ветчиной, картофельный салат и кофе с молоком.

Home-made pizza with mushrooms, please, and a bottle of mineral water.
Домашнюю пиццу с грибами, пожалуйста, и бутылку минеральной воды.

I’ll take tomato juice, chicken, green salad with olive oil, a piece of apple pie and a cup of green tea, please.
Я возьму томатный сок, цыпленка, зеленый салат с оливковым маслом, кусок яблочного пирога и чашку зеленого чая, пожалуйста.

A bowl of mushroom soup, please, chicken salad and a cup of black coffee.
Миску грибного супа, пожалуйста, салат с курицей и чашку черного кофе.

MaruДата: Четверг, 27.05.2010, 10:43 | Сообщение # 87
Your English Teacher
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Dinner - Обед

We’d like a table for two, please.
Мы хотели бы столик на двоих, пожалуйста.

I have reserved a table for four people for seven o’clock. My name is Peter Belov.
Я зарезервировал столик на четверых на семь часов. Мое имя Петр Белов.

Where is the menu, please?
Будьте любезны, где меню?

What do you recommend?
Что вы рекомендуете (заказать)?

What wine do you recommend?
Какое вино вы рекомендуете?

What is today’s special?
Какое сегодня блюдо дня?

What are you going to have, Anna?
Что ты собираешься заказать, Анна?

Are you ready to order, sir?
Вы готовы заказывать, сэр?

Yes, please. I’ll have a glass of white wine, garlic bread, roast beef with baked potato and green peas, and chocolate ice cream for dessert. And coffee, please.
Да, пожалуйста. Я возьму бокал белого вина, чесночный хлеб, ростбиф с печеным картофелем и зеленым горошком, и шоколадное мороженое на десерт. И кофе, пожалуйста.

I’d like a cup of onion soup, grilled salmon, steamed vegetables, and coffee to follow. No dessert, thank you.
Я хотел бы чашку лукового супа, лосось на гриле, паровые овощи и затем кофе. Десерта не надо, спасибо.

I’ll have a glass of house wine, Greek salad, chicken breast with mushroom sauce, mint tea and a piece of honey cake.
Я возьму бокал домашнего вина, греческий салат, куриную грудку с грибным соусом, мятный чай и кусок медового торта.

I’d like shrimp cocktail, turkey with new potatoes, and Caesar salad. And a bottle of beer, please.
Коктейль из креветок, индейку с молодым картофелем и салат Цезарь. И бутылку пива, пожалуйста.

MaruДата: Четверг, 27.05.2010, 10:45 | Сообщение # 88
Your English Teacher
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Waiter’s questions and your answers - Вопросы официанта и ваши ответы

Are you ready to order?
Вы готовы заказывать?

May I take your order?
Могу я принять ваш заказ?

Yes, please.
Да, пожалуйста.

Just a minute, please.
Одну минуту, пожалуйста.

Would you like a drink? / Would you like something to drink? / Something to drink?
Не хотите ли напитки? / Не хотите ли выпить чего-нибудь?

A glass of red wine, please.
Бокал красного вина, пожалуйста.

A glass of mineral water, please.
Бокал минеральной воды, пожалуйста.

No, thank you.
Нет, спасибо.

Would you like some coffee?
Не хотите ли кофе?

Yes, please.
Да, пожалуйста.

How would you like your coffee?
Как вам подать кофе?

A little milk but no sugar.
Немного молока, но без сахара.

With cream and sugar, please.
Со сливками и сахаром, пожалуйста.

Black, please.
Черный кофе, пожалуйста.

Cappuccino, please.
Капучино, пожалуйста.

How would you like your tea?
Как вам подать чай?

With lemon, please.
С лимоном, пожалуйста.

How would you like your eggs?
Как вам приготовить яйца?

Scrambled, please.
Яичницу-болтунью, пожалуйста.

Sunny side up, please.
Яичницу-глазунью, пожалуйста.



How would you like your steak?
Как вам приготовить бифштекс?

Well done, please.
Хорошо прожаренный, пожалуйста.

Medium rare, please.
Средне прожаренный, пожалуйста.

Rare, please.
С кровью, пожалуйста.

What (salad) dressing would you like?
Какой салатный соус вы хотели бы?

French dressing, please.
Французский соус, пожалуйста.

Italian dressing, please.
Итальянский соус, пожалуйста.

Russian, please.
Русский соус, пожалуйста.

Mayonnaise, please.
Майонез, пожалуйста.

Olive oil, please.
Оливковое масло, пожалуйста.

No dressing, please.
Без соуса, пожалуйста.

What bread would you like?
Какой хлеб вы хотели бы?

What do you have?
А какой у вас есть?

White, whole-wheat, rye.
Белый, из цельного зерна, ржаной.

Rye bread, please.
Ржаной, пожалуйста.

MaruДата: Четверг, 27.05.2010, 10:46 | Сообщение # 89
Your English Teacher
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Complaining - Жалобы

Waiter, we ordered well-done chops, and these are rare.
Официант, мы заказали хорошо прожаренные котлеты, а эти с кровью.

Waiter, I ordered chocolate ice cream, and you brought vanilla.
Официант, я заказал шоколадное мороженое, а вы принесли ванильное.

Waiter! I’ve been waiting for my order for almost an hour already!
Официант! Я жду мой заказ уже почти целый час!

Can I see the manager, please?
Могу я поговорить с менеджером, пожалуйста?

MaruДата: Четверг, 27.05.2010, 10:46 | Сообщение # 90
Your English Teacher
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Paying - Оплата

Waiter! The check, please.
Официант! Счет, пожалуйста.

Waiter, I think the check is incorrect. I didn’t order sponge cake.
Официант, я думаю, что счет неправильный. Я не заказывал бисквитный торт.

The food was delicious. Thank you very much. Here. Keep the change.
Еда была очень вкусная. Спасибо большое. Вот, возьмите. Оставьте сдачу себе.

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