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Виды эссе - Учебные материалы
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Учебные материалы » English Exams - IELTS » IELTS Writing » Виды эссе
Виды эссе
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Your English Teacher
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Argument/opinion essay

Introduction paragraph

Background sentence
• “Opinions on … vary tremendously“
• “Today, ”
• “As is commonly understood”
• “It is common today”
• “It is certainly true that”

Detailed background sentence
• “Thus, some people … while others prefer to … and … . “
• “Some people think that.... At the same time others claim that...”
• “This can be seen … ”, “This has been seen in …”
• ”This is nowhere more evident than … ”
• There is no doubt that ... can be the best way to...

• “For me, I prefer to …[do this]… as opposed to …[do that]… ”
• “Personally, I think that this question is a controversial one, and is open for debate. For several reasons, which I will mention bellow, I think that ...”
• “I have to totally disagree with this statement. From my everyday experience and observation I can stand that ...”
• “It is refuted/not agreed/believed/argued that”
• “It will be shown that”

Outline of two topics
• “..[doing this]… is both more …[convenient].. and …[tastier].., and I will analyze these areas in my essay.”
• "Those who say that....... should ask themselves if......”
• “This will be proven by analyzing ..this… and ..that…”
• “This will be shown by taking into account ..this… and ..that…”

Supporting paragraph 1

Topic sentence (repeats the first topic given in the outline sentence)
• “Firstly, …[doing this].. is much more …[convenient]… than [doing that]….”
• “Looking first at …”
• “The first thing that should be noted is that”
• "The main reason for this is that there are/is”
• “The most obvious advantage to ... is...”

• “For example/instance”
• “From real life we can see that ….”
• “Take …, for instance.”
• “It can be illustrated by”

Discussion sentence (is link between the topic sentence and the example sentence)
• “Thus, …[doing this]… is much more convenient option for me.”
• “This example clearly shows”
• “It is obvious when looking at this example that ”
• “This example makes it clear that ….”
• “When looking at this example, there is no doubt that”
• “For this reason …this… is consistently …[better]… option for …”

Conclusion (links topic sentence and the thesis)
• “This is therefore one of the main reasons, I prefer … [doing this]… to … [doing that]…”
• “It is obvious that …”
• “From this, it can be concluded that …”
• “Thus, there is obvious link between … this ... and … that ...”

Supporting paragraph 2

Topic sentence (repeats the second topic given in the outline sentence)

• “A/The second reason is that …this… better than …that…”
• “Secondly, it is a well-known fact that”


Discussion sentence (is link between the topic sentence and the example sentence)

Conclusion (links topic sentence and the thesis)
• “… and is therefore another reason why I prefer … [doing this] ... [to do that]... ”

Conclusion paragraph

• “In conclusion …[this]… is both more …[better1] and [better2]... than …[doing that]…”
• “After analyzing the areas of”
• “Following the analyzing of”
• “To sum up, there are several measures which could be taken to …”

Restatement of thesis
• “Thus, I choose …[to do this].. and strongly prefer this to …[doing that]…”
• “As has been proven,”
• “It has now been shown,”
• “As has been shown,”

Prediction / Recommendation
• “It is expected/ predicted that …”
• “I believe I will continue this lifestyle as long as am working person.”
• “This tendency is likely to extend well into the future.” - натуральная косметика, БАДы, товары для дома и детей и многое другое по очень низким ценам.
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Учебные материалы » English Exams - IELTS » IELTS Writing » Виды эссе
Страница 1 из 11

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